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I say this a lot, but …

This time I mean it. I’m it to win it because I made a bet and I must win. I’ve pre-determined tomorrow’s food and workouts and I’m ready for day 1.

I took a weight and it was bad (175) and I took a tummy measure and it was worse (43). I do not fit into any of my clothes and I can’t breath and my back is killing me. 

I may as well do the 30 day challenge plan and do a plank in the am and pm and 10 squats every time I use the loo.

Let’s do this! I’m following the 21 day fix workouts and the 17 day diet menu plan. If I can’t lose 25 pounds in 7 months I suck worse than I thought. 

Quitting smoking is on my horizon also. My plan is to wake up May 13th and not smoke. I’ll be going on a trip that will make smoking difficult so I think it’s a good date. 

And, speaking of trip, I am taking my workouts with me!  How’s that for a 1st?  I won’t have weights (most likely) but I can at least workout weightless…or better yet, maybe I’ll go buy some resistance bands since all the workouts have that option. Food will be an issue, but I will try to make good choices. 

I’m also going to try journaling and see if that makes a difference. Daily posts here and each night pre-plan the next day’s food and exercise. I wish getting fit wasn’t so much hard work. 

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