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Beach Body

I completed 21 Day Fix! Two weeks ago, I started ChaLEAN Extreme. Today, I re-uped my Beach Body on Demand account and on Monday, I will start Tony Horton’s 30 Day Fusion Challenge. I haven’t decided if I will put CE on hold, or suck it up and double up. The 30 minute a day format is working for me, so I don’t know for sure whatI will do. I am currently thinking TH in the morning and CE in the evening.

I had a bit of a corner turning moment yesterday which I am quite excited about. I went to step class at the gym, and for the first time, I felt strong and fit. My push ups and crunches are getting easier and over all I am feeling pretty good.

And, I took a waist measurement this morning to figure out my waist/height ratio and was down 2 inches. Amazing! Since I quit drinking and started a committed workout schedule, I have lost 23 pounds.

I think I am on my way!

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