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21 Pound Q&A

In January, 2008, I completed the Martha’s Vineyard 21 Pounds in 21 Days Diet Detox. Before you begin the detox, Dr. Roni asks you to answer the following questions.

How much weight do I need to lose?

I need to lose 40-50 pounds.

Why do I want to lose weight?

I want to lose weight to feel good about myself and because I want to be fit and healthy.

Am I afraid that I’m going to get sick based on my current lifestyle or diseases that run in my family?

Yes, I am. Type II diabetes runs in my family. I have most (if not all) the indicators for getting it myself.

Am I ready to make a permanent lifestyle change?

I think so. I quit smoking last year, and I think that I am ready to make a dietary change as well.

Do I really believe that I should detox?

Yes. After smoking for over 20 years and a lifetime of bad eating habits, I really do think I need to detox.

What can detoxing do for me?

I believe it will clear my system and re-boot my mind for a lifetime of healthy eating.

How would detoxing change my lifestyle?

I will learn that I can not eat the bag of chips or the macaroni and cheese.

Do I have the discipline to detox for 21 days or should I pick a shorter program?

Yes, I can do anything for three weeks.