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About Me….

Welcome! I'm using this site to journal my progress as I take my life back! I quit smoking, joined NutriSystem and the gym! I can't wait to get back to my beautiful thinner self!

Well, that was 2008 and this is 2013…

I'm still planning to use this site to journal weight loss/healthy living. I still go to the gym. I don't do any expensive weight loss programs and, well, I guess I need to re-quit smoking.

As a nearly 40 year old mother of 6 with a full-ish time job, focusing on weight loss is not easy! I feel like it's such a time sucker. However, I ain't getting any younger as they say and I really need to get to a thin fit state as I approach the next decade.

Anyway, let's get serious this time, shall we?

So, now we are well in to 2014 and I am back on Nutrisystem. I am going to quit smoking tonight. I've decided…

And, now it's 2015 and I'm officially over 40. So, what's been happening you ask? I quit NS but still have a pantry full of foods. I'm back in the BMO program and its going well. I will make my goal weight this year no ,after what.

I still have to quit smoking.

So…now it's 2017. I quit all "quick fix" plans. I still belong to the gym, and will use it! (I swear this time!!). I managed o quit drinking alcohol, but still need to quit smoking.